About Us

The Wilmington Earth Day Alliance, formerly the Earth Day Alliance of the Lower Cape Fear, was formed in 1990 by a local naturalist, Andy Wood. Wood felt that local environmental efforts would be more successful if various businesses and organizations were to collaborate, and the Alliance was the solution to the disconnection.

The first, large regional event was held later that year, and hundreds of Cape Fear Region citizens came together in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the first Earth Day. We encourage you to learn more about the first national Earth Day and the first regional event in the Spring 2008 issue of Cape Fear's Going Green magazine, one of our regular sponsors. The Wilmington Earth Day Alliance serves to: 

  1. dedicate the assets and energies to maintaining a safe, just, and sustainable planet through proactive educational programs and events designed to increase environmental awareness among the citizenry

  2. bring local public, nonprofit, and private organizations and businesses together so the public can learn about their environmental efforts in the community.

The Alliance is comprised of community members from various different backgrounds, including local government organizations, local environmental businesses, the NC Aquarium, and local university students. If you're interested in getting more involved with our organization by joining our team, send us a message from the contact page. 

Video from 2018 Festival by Ben David of BenDavid Films